Monday, April 12, 2010

Garvan Gardens in April

Gil and I took a field trip today to Hot Springs to see the lovely gardens there. It is past "peek tulip time" but we were able to see some lovely flowers in the garden, and a few tulips. It was an absoutley lovely day, perfect temperature and the picnic lunch was so good on the deck under the shade trees just inside the gardens. We knew there would be a lot of walking in order to see the entire garden, so we took advantage of the carts and a driver. One other couple rode with us through the trail of flowers, ponds and waterfalls. The Gardens are near Lake Hamilton on the outskirts of the city and only a 2 1/2 hr. dirve from our home.

The tulips will be dug up in May, bagged up and sold to individuals at a very cheap price. Then in the fall, another 130,000 bulbs will be planted for the new crop in the following spring. Enjoy the pictures and plan your own field trip to see Garvan Gardens. They are also open during the winter with millions of Christmas lights.

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