Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mid March 2010

Spring has sprung in Camden and the 17th Annual Daffodil Festival was a huge success and attendance was largest in history. Many of the daffodils in my yard and the little field on the other side of the house where mama used to live were picked and used in the local businesses during the festival.

The kids are settled in China and Ed has started his 3rd week on the job of teaching English to the Chinese students both in Ivy English (private) School and several public schools. It is still cold and snowy there. DJ is growing with leaps and bounds and talks "baby jabber" to us on the skype webcam calls.

Gil and I have almost completed painting the 3 bedrooms and 3 baths in our home and it will be ready to put on the market first week of April. We have a business trip to Little Rock next week and we have company coming for the weekend we get back. Then I plan to visit my sister and mama in Louisiana before Easter.

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