Friday, February 5, 2010

Grandchildren moving to China Feb. 8th

My son and his wife are moving to China to teach English in a school there and the two granddaughters are going with them, along with granddog Spot. It is Friday night Feb. 5th as I write this and they are staying with us over the weekend until they drive to Houston in a rental car and drop Spot at the airport on Feb. 8th. They are supposed to leave the next day on a flight going to Newark, NJ, and then on a non-stop flight from there to Beijing. I pray the big snow storm on the east coast does not delay their flight out. They will be in Beijing a week while Spot is in quarrantine, then take a train or bus to the town north of Beijing where they will live. The school has arranged an apartment for them, furnished even with a baby bed for DJ.

I will keep posting updates on their trip as I receive email or phone calls on skype from them.

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