Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

We have had a blessed Christmas day with Ed, Deb, and the girls. Gil called his Dad and Helen to check on them. He also talked with both his sisters in Ft. Scott. They had snow there. When he talked to his son Dan in Iowa he found out they had snow as well. Gil's daughter Pat called from Kansas and they were having a nice Christmas at her mom's house with snow as well. Emma, Gil's 5 year old great grand daughter got new boots for Christmas and was begging to go out and play in the snow.....but it was very cold there and grandma would not let her go out.

News from Tate publishing this week let us in on a new advertising on TV. Our book will have a trailer made and the 30-second ad will air on four major newtworks which will give us some good publicity all over the nation. It will air on Fox News, Lifetime, History Channel and American Movie Classics. I should see some activity on the website soon afterwards.

I am publishing a new picture of DJ, our 4 mo. old granddaughter. She sure is filling out and growing! I am eager to hear how much she weighs at her check up next week.

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