Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meeting old friends at book events in October

The Bastrop book events were wonderful. The Snyder Museum was the perfect backdrop for us. A number of people came to see us and buy books. It was a surprise for me to see three of my classmates that day. Thanks Sandra, Dianne and Cherie for dropping by that day. I hope you enjoy reading the book. The Morehouse Parish Library was our afternoon event. Not a lot of people came to see us, but thanks to those who did. Ellen, thank you for inviting us.

We had a fun time at the Lake Providence book events. The Louisiana Cotton Museum is very interesting. We did not sell many books that morning but it was a beautiful sunny and cool fall day. I guess most people were out on the lake or enjoying the sunny day. The rain had really fallen in that part of the state and some of the cotton was still in the fields. Harriet Bridges was a wonderful hostess for us.

That afternoon we did meet some ladies at the library who bought books. The librarian there turned out to be a niece of Lillian's sixth grade techer. What a small world it is. Thanks Renee for your hospitality.

Our last October book event was at the Schepis Museum in Columbia. We stopped by The Martin Home Place that morning on our way to the Schepis. The hostess there was so glad to meet us. She was new in the gift shop and said five of our books had sold and she was glad to have more there to sell. What a unique old home place there in Columbia that has been preserved. We had many visitors at the Schepis, one of whom is a granddaughter to one of my grandparents' friends down on Beouff River named in the book. Mama and I enjoyed meeting her and talking about her family who knew our family many years ago. She is from Rayville and did not know we would be at the Schepis that day so it was a great surprise for us all. She had read and enjoyed the book. Another visitor that day was Mr. Buster Shipp who remembered mama when they were children. Buster knew and remembered mama's grandfather Judy who lived on Buster's fathers land at one time as described in our book. He had read the book which had been checked out of the Columbia library. He wanted his own signed copy. We are so glad those folks came by to see us.

Now it is time for the November book events.

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