Thursday, October 9, 2008

Book Signings

9-20-08 Mama and I had our first book event in Chidester, AR, her hometown for over 25 years until recently. She moved to Bastrop, La. the 1st of August to live with my sister Judy. It was fun for her to come back to Chidester to see old neighbors and friends from her church there. We held the book signing at the General Store and had a wonderful afternoon.

10-02-08 We went to Bastrop for a signing held at my cousin's beauty shop, Cuttin' Up & Co. We did not have a big turnout that day, but Sharon kept books on hand to sell customers and friends who might stop by the shop in the future. Some special people from our past stopped in to see us. We had lived in Bastrop from 1953 to 1972. Judy and I both graduated from BHS as did Judy's three daughters. It was certainly a special day for us.

10-11-08 Columbia, La. will be out next book signing. It will take place at the Schepis Museum on Main St. The Caldwell Watchman has interviewed us and will have an article in the paper about the book and our event. I was born in Columbia, and my father grew up there in the 20s and 30s. This should be a very special day because mama also lived there in the late 40s after she and daddy married and when I was a little girl.

10-12-08 Mangham is the small town not far from Columbia where we will have a book signing at the Community Center, named for Mr. T. A. Judd, mama's high school principal in the early 40s. She grew up on farms in Caldwell and Richland parishes, along the Beouf and Ouachita Rivers. She graduated from Mangham High in 1944. This will be a special time for us to meet the people of Mangham.

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margie said...

Linda, the blog opened up right away but all those things I had to do to create an Google account.!!!!! Those letters that are all jumbled together give me griet but after about 4 tries I got it.

This going to be nice to be able to follow and make comments about your travels. Next best thing to going with you. Love, Margie